We Buy Used Food Service Equipment From Church Organizations in Kansas and Missouri.

We buy used kitchen equipment from church organizations in KS and MO.Is Your Church Upgrading or Replacing its Kitchen Equipment? Equipment On The Web Will Buy Your Used Equipment.

Many churches and religious organizations have commercial grade food service equipment in the kitchens.  Although the equipment in a church is typically not used as much and as often as the same type of equipment in a restaurant, many church organizations will (at some point) find themselves needing to upgrade or replace their kitchen equipment.  Equipment On The Web will purchase used kitchen equipment from church or religious organizations without the hassle of using online restaurant equipment auctions where, in most cases, it takes upwards of one month to actually sell the equipment.

Equipment On The Web is currently buying used freezers, coolers, walk-in cooler and freezers, prep-tables, ranges, ovens, burners, flat tops, steam tables, griddles, warmers, commercial kitchen storage and more.  We are primarily interested in purchasing only commercial food service equipment or restaurant equipment.

When Equipment On The Web buys your used kitchen equipment the process is quite simple.  After contacting us, we will schedule a time to see the kitchen equipment.  Equipment On The Web will make an offer to buy either one piece of kitchen equipment or the entire lot of equipment, if you are selling multiple pieces, based on fair market value. If you accept the offer to have Equipment On The Web purchase your used kitchen equipment, we will pay you the same day,then disconnect and remove the equipment so you don’t have to.  It really is that simple.  We know that online equipment auctions can drag on for weeks and in most cases the seller or buyer (not the auction) are responsible for delivery and pick up of the equipment once the auction ends. Equipment On The Web has simplified the process of selling your used kitchen equipment.  Call us today at (816) 533-4453 to sell your used commercial food service equipment in the Kansas City area!

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Call us directly at (816) 533-4453 or CLICK HERE to contact us!