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Whether you are selling one piece of restaurant equipment or liquidating your entire restaurant, we at Equipment On The Web thought we would provide some tips to help sell your restaurant equipment or kitchen equipment easier and for the most money. Equipment On The Web has been Kansas & Missouri’s leader in buying and selling restaurant equipment, commercial food service equipment, convenient store equipment and more for over 13 years. We have helped countless restaurant owners, business owners and kitchen managers replace, upgrade, sell & liquidate restaurant equipment in the Kansas City area and all of Kansas & Missouri and we pride ourselves on being experts on all things pertaining to restaurants and food service operations. Below are some of the factors to consider when you need to sell restaurant equipment quickly and easily.

Consider How You Want To Sell Your Restaurant Equipment In Kansas City


Equipment On The Web buys restaurant equipment, kitchen equipment and convenient store equipment in Kansas and Missouri.

There are plenty of avenues to you when selling or liquidating your restaurant or kitchen equipment. Online auctions are one way but have numerous pitfalls that you may not know about until it is too late.  Restaurant equipment auctions take a degree of time (usually 30-60 days) from the time you decide to sell your restaurant equipment through an auction until you actually have the money in hand from the sale. That is assuming your restaurant equipment actually sells through the auction and to be frank, there is no guarantee that it well.  There are always some level of seller & buyer fees because online auctioneers are not in the business of selling restaurant equipment for free.  Most restaurant is big, bulky and sometimes heavy so planning on how and when you will need to either deliver the restaurant equipment you reselling. or schedule pick up for the buyer (assuming it sells). The combination of time, fees and hassle may not add up and often times selling your restaurant equipment through an auction quickly and hassle free just does not make sense.

Selling or liquidating restaurant equipment to Equipment On The Web is a simple, hassle free experience.  Our restaurant equipment experts will always offer you fair market value with an offer that can be accepted usually the same day.  Time can sometimes cost you opportunities and money and at Equipment On The Web we make selling your used restaurant equipment in Kansas or Missouri quick and efficient and, in most cases, we handle delivery/pickup of the restaurant equipment.

Provide As Much Information About The Restaurant Equipment You Are Selling

Providing as much information as possible about the restaurant equipment you are selling can help you add value to the equipment buy-sell-used-restaurant-equipment-Kansas-Missourias there are often infinite options when it comes to restaurant equipment and knowing what you have can attract just the right buyer. Information like volts, amps, phase, year of manufacture and even maintenance or repair records can add value to restaurant equipment and help sell it quickly. Researching what similar restaurant equipment has sold for in your area will also provide a realistic idea of what the approximate value of your restaurant equipment in your market. Luckily, the internet has endless ways for you to research and get an idea of what your equipment is worth based on what something similar has sold for. A word of caution: the internet is not always the unbiased resource we would like to believe it is. Remember that in the end, your restaurant equipment is only worth what you can actually sell it for and nothing more.

At Equipment On The Web, we strive to make buying and selling restaurant equipment a pleasant and productive experience so that your focus can be on other things. Our simple approach to being the ‘go-to’ source in Kansas City for buying and selling all things pertaining to restaurants and the food service industry. Whether you are opening a new bar or restaurant or closing one down, Equipment On The Web can help you buy, sell, upgrade, replace or liquidate restaurant equipment in Kansas City.


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