Thinking Of Selling Your Used Restaurant Equipment Through An Auction?

used-restaurant-equipment-Kansas-CityWhy Selling Restaurant Equipment Through Online Auctions May Not Be Your Best Option

In the age of eBay, online commerce and online information, the process of selling or liquidating used restaurant equipment (or any equipment for that matter) should a piece of cake, right?  Like traditional auctions items up for bid made available for a given period of time and (hopefully) the buyers will come and compete against one another for the winning bid and, in theory, everyone gains something in the end. The seller is relieved of their used restaurant equipment, the buyer acquires something needed for their business, and the auction wins every time.

The auction itself is an entity that has achieved some degree of marketing power in that it has built a captive audience of bidders or buyers while bringing in a constant stream of desperate sellers. Like the old saying at the casino “the house always wins,” the auction assumes no responsibility for anything other than marketing for the seller (or having a captive buying audience), itemizing what is to be sold, collecting money if it sells, and maintaining the auction platform itself. They may in fact have your equipment stored in their warehouse before, during and after the auction which can take months to finalize. The auction is not a delivery service for the buyer or the seller and they charge additional fees to buyers that do not take delivery of any restaurant equipment purchased after the auction has ended.

What makes an auction so appealing to sellers is that there is no upfront cost to sell used restaurant equipment with them. However if you live by the rule that time is money you will ultimately waste a good amount of time waiting to be paid by the auction. After weeks of waiting for the sale of all items to finalize the auction will take its cut of the proceeds and then, in turn, issue the seller the remaining amount.

At Equipment On the Web, we know that time (and money) is precious and we are always interested in buying used restaurant equipment.

Our process is simple:

1. Contact us with information on the used restaurant equipment you would like to sell.

2. Schedule a time for us to see the restaurant equipment where we will discuss what we are willing to pay for it.

3. Assuming the amount is agreeable, Equipment On The Web will pick up and remove your used restaurant equipment AND pay you for it on the same day.

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