Opening A Restaurant In Kansas City? We Can Help!

Opening a restaurant is both an exciting and often stressful time.  Not only do restaurants need a unique vision of how they will differentiate themselves from other dining establishments but they also need all of the basics to make the restaurant run smoothly.

The first thing (aside from a space for the restaurant) is restaurant equipment.  There are a seemingly infinite number of types of restaurant equipment and, chances are, the right equipment exists for the type of food you plan on serving. Using refrigerated prep-tables, pizza ovens, coolers, freezers, walk-ins, warmers, commercial dishwashers and other commercial kitchen equipment ensures that your food is always fresh, cooked appropriately and consistently delicious.

Restaurant furniture is also necessary to seat guests in your restaurant because people certainly are not willing to eat while sitting on the floor.  Restaurant furniture must be easy to keep clean (and look clean) but also be comfortable and seemingly private to the guests sitting at the table or booth.

Additionally, when planning to open a restaurant is how will you serve your guests or customers.  If you restaurant is dine in only then you would most certainly need glassware, bar-ware, plates, silverware, serving trays and more. In addition restaurants will need salt and pepper shakers, to-go boxes, kitchen storage containers (like Cambro), condiments, and more.  If your restaurant plans on catering the food created in the kitchen then you would certainly need appropriate serving for catering (i.e. serving dishes, warming mechanisms, serving utensils, and serving transportable storage for extra food should the food run out at the event.)

This is by no means an extensive list of all of the things needed to start and successfully run a restaurant but it is a good place to start.  If you are opening or closing a restaurant Equipment On The Web can help.  We have been buying and selling restaurant equipment in Kansas City for over 12 years and have helped hundreds of restaurant owners and kitchen managers buy used restaurant equipment and liquidate the commercial food service equipment.

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