Buyers Guide: Purchasing Coolers and Freezers For Your Restaurant

A walk-in cooler or freezer is almost always a big ticket expense for restaurant owners and managers. Coolers and freezers are quite possibly the most heavily used item in a restaurant kitchen and need to be reliable, safe, and accessible.  One of the problems restaurant owners face when upgrading or replacing a cooler/freezer is what size the restaurant needs. Here are few things to keep in mind when upgrading or replacing coolers/freezers.


If your restaurant kitchen is busy and bustling (and we hope it is) you may want to lean towards a walk in cooler or freezer.  As we all know a having all menu items available for guests to order is crucial and ultimately embarrassing if the entree is not adequately stocked.  So having the proper amount of space to stock ingredients for ALL menu items is important.  Even the most rarely ordered menu entrees stocked for the unexpected “curve-ball order” need to be addresses and planned for.  Secondly, there must be plenty of space for the food handlers and those that help the restaurant prepare the food to maneuver through the kitchen in an efficient and safe manner.  If your restaurant doesn’t appear to need a walk-in type freezer perhaps consider a “reach-in freezer.”  These provide plenty of space and if your restaurant has yet to grow to a point where a walk-in cooler/freezer is needed, they are a much more cost effective way of cooling and freezing your restaurant’s food.

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